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Archive of Newsletters from the Office of the Universal Esperanto Association about the United Nations

NumberDate and LanguagesTopicsUEA declarations on UN Observance Days for:
71July-August 2024 (En)
julio-aŭgusto 2024 (Eo)
juillet-août 2024 (Fr)
Final plans under way for 2024 World Congress of Esperanto in Arusha, TanzaniaEsperanto Day
World Refugee Day
70May-June 2024 (En)
majo-junio 2024 (Eo)
mai-juin 2024 (Fr)
Arusha: People, Language and Environment for a Better World
UEA welcomes strategic document on UN languages
Esperanto delegates head to Nairobi
Preparations underway for next month’s symposium on language and the UN
International Day of Families
69March-April 2024 (En)
marto-aprilo 2024 (Eo)
mars-avril 2024 (Fr)
Brazil, China, Togo, Germany: A round-up of recent Esperanto eventsInternational Mother Language Day
68January-February 2024 (En)
januaro-februaro 2024 (Eo)
janvier-février 2024 (Fr)
Meetings in Tanzania and Burundi prepare for 2024 congress in Africa
Hungary: A distinguished Esperanto history
China: Esperanto Museum and Library celebrates ten years
International Day of Education
International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust
67November-December 2023 (En)
novembro-decembro 2023 (Eo)
novembre-décembre 2023 (Fr)
Esperanto movement mourns the passing of Martti Ahtissari
Journal celebrates one congress, looks forward to another
United Nations Day
66September-October 2023 (En)
septembro-oktobro 2023 (Eo)
septembre-octobre 2023 (Fr)
UEA’s World Congress in Italy approves resolution on immigrationInternational Peace Day
International Translation Day
65July-August 2023 (En)
julio-aŭgusto 2023 (Eo)
juillet-août 2023 (Fr)
UEA plays key role in meeting on multilingualism with UN leaders
Esperanto speakers to hold annual congress in Torino
Addressing migration: A bold agenda for UEA's 2023 Congress
World Refugee Day
64May-June 2023 (En)
majo-junio 2023 (Eo)
mai-juin 2023 (Fr)
Esperanto events circle the world
Passport Programme
Esperanto advances in Africa: UEA’s world congress to meet in Tanzania in 2024
Echoes of Mother Language Day continue
International Women’s Day
International Day of Families
63March-April 2023 (En)
marto-aprilo 2023 (Eo)
mars-avril 2023 (Fr)
Official Footballs for the World Cup in Qatar Deliver their Message in Esperanto
Sustainability, Migration will be the Themes of 108th World Congress of Esperanto
In ECOSOC Consultation, UEA Stresses Language Issues
From the Hungarian Language to Maltese, by Way of Esperanto
UEA’s African Commission Meets in Senegal
The Esperanto Movement Mourns One of its Most Venerable Figures: Andrea Chiti-Batelli
International Mother Language Day
International Women’s Day
International Education Day
62January-February 2023 (En)
januaro-februaro 2023 (Eo)
janvier-février 2023 (Fr)
Journals in Esperanto Cover the World
Polish Esperanto Speaker Honoured with National Award
Committee Addresses Language and Minority Rights
The NGO community is insufficiently engaged by the UN, says UEA’s representative
Human Rights Day
Zamenhof Day
61November-December 2022 (En)
novembro-decembro 2022 (Eo)
novembre-décembre 2022 (Fr)
Universal Esperanto Association to hold virtual congress emphasizing Indigenous languages
Deguchi Prize for 2022 honors a fervent worker for peace and against nuclear weapons
International Esperanto chorus works with the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee on a festival for peace
International Translation Day
United Nations Day
60September-October 2022 (En)
septembro-oktobro 2022 (Eo)
septembre-octobre 2022 (Fr)
World Congress of Esperanto meets in Montreal, publishes declaration on indigenous languages
Duolingo broadens Esperanto offerings
The spirit of Esperanto at the United Nations
Putting SDG 4 Back on Track After COVID-19: The Essential Role of Multilingualism in Education
International Friendship Day
59July-August 2022 (En)
julio-aŭgusto 2022 (Eo)
juillet-août 2022 (Fr)
Universal Esperanto Association emphasizes linguistic and cultural diversity, invites Esperanto speakers to Montreal congress, August 6-13
UEA representative reminds WSIS Forum: Fundamental to human communication is language; fundamental to lack of communication is language difference
Committee on Language and Languages to be headed by UEA representative
World Environment Day
Esperanto Day
58May-June 2022 (En)
majo-junio 2022 (Eo)
mai-juin 2022 (Fr)
Recent developments in Esperanto
Esperanto “An element in the cultural heritage of humankind” says Lo Jacomo
International Women’s Day
57March-April 2022 (En)
marto-aprilo 2022 (Eo)
mars-avril 2022 (Fr)
Esperanto youth confronts sexism
Esperanto speaker assumes presidency in Catalan language academy
Indigenous languages will be the theme of UEA’s congress in Montreal
International Day of Education
Holocaust Remembrance Day
International Mother Language Day
56January-February 2022 (En)
Januaro-Februaro 2022 (Eo)
Janvier-Février 2022 (Fr)
New NGO Committee on Language and Languages holds first briefing meeting
UEA re-elected to the CoNGO board
UEA to coordinate project on sustainability and transport
International Human Rights Day
World Children’s Day
55November-December 2021 (En)
Novembro-Decembro 2021 (Eo)
UEA representative Francis Hult keynote speaker at NGO Summit
Esperanto Youth Organization Gains Consultative Status
NGO Committee on Language and Languages Founded
Unesco Celebrates
Esperanto Geneva Team Reorganizes
Multilingualism in Europe
Esperanto Speakers Work for Tolerance and Understanding
International Day for Tolerance
United Nations Day
54September-October 2021 (En)
septembro-oktobro 2021 (Eo)
septembre-octobre 2021 (Fr)
UNESCO greets World Esperanto Congress
A new issue of the UNESCO Courier published in Esperanto
Language, Conflict and Security
President of Brazilian Academy of Letters joins UEA’s Honorary Patrons
International Esperanto Day proposed for UNESCO
UEA intervenes on language and education
International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
International Youth Day
World Refugee Day
53July-August 2021 (En)
Julio-Aŭgusto 2021 (Eo)
juillet-août 2021 (Fr)
A question for the Secretary-General: Multilingualism and the United Nations
Worldwide course attracts Spanish-speakers to Esperanto
World Esperanto congress is again virtual
Youth for linguistic rights in a time of COVID
Esperanto association congratulates UN Secretary-General on re-election
Esperanto Day
Friendship Day
52May-June 2021 (En)
Majo-Junio 2021 (Eo)
mai-juin 2021 (Fr)
Symposium “Language and Migration: Experience and Memory”
Esperanto meetings
English Language Day
Russian Language Day
Day of Families
Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
51March-April 2021 (En)
Marto-Aprilo 2021 (Eo)
mars-avril 2021 (Fr)
Final Report of MondaFest’ 2020 published
World Health Organization offers Esperanto-language course
UNESCO Courier in Esperanto: Latest issue
International Mother Language Day
International Human Rights Day
International Day of Education
International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust
International Women’s Day
50January-February 2021 (En)
Januaro-Februaro 2021 (Eo)
Janvier-Février 2021 (Fr)
Resolution calls for greater multilateralism and attention to language policy in the United Nations
Conference of NGOs stresses the need for better NGO liaison during pandemic
United Nations Day
49November-December 2020The Kung Fu Rabbit environmentally conscious – in EsperantoInternational Day of Non-violence
Indigenous Peoples' of the Americas Day
48September-October 2020World Festival of Esperanto
Guide to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in Esperanto
75th anniversary of the nuclear attacks on Japan
International Day of Peace
International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
47July-August 2020UEA:three-month World Festival of Esperanto
UN’s future
My Hero is You: How Kids Can Fight COVID-19! now in Esperanto
UNESCO and UEA jointly publish prestigious volume
Under-Secretary-General Hochschild: Esperanto is more than a language
World Refugee Day
46May-June 2020UEA collaborates in UN survey on minority and language rights
UEA calls for multilateral approach to world problems
International Day of Multilateralism
45March 2020Study Group and Princeton University delay 2020 symposium
Call for instruction in languages the students understand
UEA greets the world’s women, especially members of the worldwide Esperanto community
Pandemic shifts focus for Esperanto movement
International Mother Language Day
International Women’s Day
44January 2020UNESCO and China Report Press publish magazine in Esperanto
Conference of NGOs calls for strengthening the UN
Symposium on Language Diversity and Sustainable Development, celebrating.
75 years of the United Nation
UEA: 60th Anniversary of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child
Human Rights Day
43November 2019UEA mourns the passing of Louis Zaleski-Zamenhof
A Call for Linguistic Diversity at the UN’s Civil Society Conference
World Congress of Esperanto, August 2020, to celebrate UN
United Nations Day
International day of Peace
International Day of Non-violence
42September 2019Resolution of the 104th World Congress of Esperanto, Lahti, Finland, 2019
UNESCO to use Esperanto in festival for peace
UEA to offer workshop in Salt Lake City
International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
41July 2019Happy Esperanto Day!
Young Esperanto speakers work for the Sustainable Development Goals
TEJO to meet in Slovakia in July
Language symposium emphasises the need to listen as well as talk
40May 2019Young Esperanto speakers play leading role in UN meeting
Coming soon: Symposium on Language and the United Nations, New York, May 9-10
Universal Esperanto Association attends Vienna board meeting of CoNGO
39March 2019UN at 75: Listening, Talking and Taking Action in a Multilingual World
Esperanto in the NGO Committee on Education, Learning and Literacy
Universal Declaration of Human Rights in American Sign Language
UEA salutes Sir Brian Urquhart on his 100th birthday
International Mother Language Day
International Women’s Day
38January 2019The Universal Declaration at 70: UEA on Human Rights
Symposium on multilingualism in international organizations May 9 and 10
37November 2018UEA speaks out to its members and to the United Nations on UN Day
Conference of NGOs marks 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Protecting language workers
UEA represented at UNESCO forum on migration
Esperanto medical association joins HIFA
United Nations Day
36September 2018The UNESCO Courier in Esperanto: One Year Later
103rd World Congress of Esperanto convenes in Lisbon
UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay greets 103rd World Esperanto Congress
International day of Peace
35July 2018Cultures, languages, globalization: Where do we go from here?” –
Topic of this year’s World Congress of Esperanto, Lisbon, Portugal, July 28 – August 6
World Refugee Day
World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
34May 2018Symposium examines multilingualism at the United Nations
Universal Esperanto Association elected to board of CoNGO
International Day of Families
33March 2018Training seminar for UN representatives in New York
UEA on Danish United Nations Association emphasizes linguistic human rights
Symposium on multilingualism in international organizations and international cooperation, May 10 and 11
International Mother Language Day
Holocaust Remembrance Day
32January 2018Paris: UNESCO remembers Zamenhof Year 2017
Esperanto UNESCO Courier welcomed
New York: Brooklyn Celebrates Zamenhof Year
Rome: Exhibition and Colloquium Honour Zamenhof
Physicians’ oath now in Esperanto
UEA addresses 39th UNESCO General Conference
International Day for Tolerance
31November 2017UEA's UN rep. addresses UN translators
Italian Esperanto Federation wins prestigious human rights award
International Translation Day created
Soros Lecture, November 10, publishing in Esperanto
39th UNESCO General Conference in Paris
Ceremony at UNESCO marks the conclusion of Zamenhof Year 2017
United Nations Day
30September 2017UNESCO Courier now in Esperanto
UEA: two new members, Honorary Committee of Patronage
UEA congratulates UN for introducing sign-language interpretation
Sustainable tourism: World Esperanto Congress
Portugal, Finland, Canada: next three World Esperanto Congresses
Congress participants discuss Korean reunification with South Korean parliamentarians – in Korean and Esperanto languages
Soros Lectures, October 13, November 10, feature Esperanto
29July 2017Lack of attention to language difference impedes Sustainable Development Goals
German scholar describes persecution of Esperanto speakers under Hitler and Stalin
London conference discusses the emergence of UN language policy
Slovak ambassador stresses need for linguistic fairness and non-discrimination
Esperanto youth organization TEJO participates in Riyadh International Forum
28May 2017Symposium on the SDGs and reaching vulnerable populations, May 11-12, 2017
Zamenhof’s life’s work continues to inspire, one hundred years after his death
Lecture on persecution of Esperantists under Hitler and Stalin to follow symposium
27March 2017Symposium focuses on vulnerable populations
Preparations for Seoul meeting move ahead
Esperanto in the Soviet Union, upcoming events in New York City
TEJO at ECOSOC: Recognizing the value of youth
Death of Pinyin developer
Sixth African Congress of Esperanto takes place in Tanzania
International Women’s Day
26January 2017Fundamento de la homaj rajtoj
Esperanto-language websites feature the UN
TEJO takes leadership of the coördinating structure on world youth
New York lecture series dedicated to Tivadar Soros continues
A new website on the Prague Manifesto
Human Rights Day
25November 2016New York lecture series to commemorate Tivadar Soros, Esperanto speaker
Esperanto at the World Social Forum, Montreal
2017 Esperanto Congress will discuss sustainable tourism
24September 2016President Fettes: A language “expressing our common humanity” in a world torn by “war, persecution, and deprivation of basic human needs”
Death of leading advocate for Esperanto, Nobel Laureate
Congress participants: “The fight for linguistic justice is an aspect of a larger, broader struggle for social justice and human rights for all”
UEA intervenes in Geneva on indigenous rights
Conference addresses linguistic communication in the EU
Forum calls for interfaith action
UEA's UN office a hive of activity
23July 2016NGO Conference in Korea
Language and Refugees: urgent issue of linguistic justice
Symposium: We need bottom-up as well as top-down linguistic communication in planning and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
UEA welcomes its first summer intern
High school students learn Esperanto
22May 2016Symposium Discusses Multilingualism and the SDGs
“Social Justice – Linguistic Justice” to be Topic of Annual Congress
United Nations Day
International Day of Families
21March 2016Universal Esperanto Association Co-sponsors Session on Refugee Education
Symposium on Language and the Sustainable Development Goals
International Mother Language Day
20January 2016UEA Speaks Out on Language Rights
Chuck Smith: “Esperantist of the Year”
200,000 People Learning Esperanto through Duolingo
Association’s Position Paper on the SDG’s Criticizes Lack of Attention to Language
Guaranteeing attention to vulnerable groups in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
The Art of Translating Words into Change
19November 2015Sustainable Development Goals: UEA Pledges Support
SDGs Translated into Esperanto, Distributed Worldwide
UEA Celebrates the UN’s 70th Anniversary
UNESCO again recognises Zamenhof, Initiator of Esperanto
Esperanto Youth Organisation Reëlected to ICMYO
Internationally Known Jurist Elected Honorary Patron of Universal Esperanto Association
18September 2015100th World Esperanto Congress Approves Resolution on Intercultural Dialogue
Meeting Commemorates Esperanto and UNESCO
17July 2015Broadly International Audience Debates Language and Exclusion
Preparations for the 100th World Esperanto Congress Proceed in Lille, France: Several Meetings on UN
16May 2015Meeting Highlights Nuclear Disarmament
Symposium to be Dedicated to the Memory of Joshua Fishman
15March 2015Studgrupo pri Lingvoj ĉe Unuigintaj Working Group on Language at the United Nations Plans May 2015 Symposium
Recent UEA Participation in UN Meetings
Esperanto in the News Once Again
14January 2015Esperanto por UN, “A UNA for a Language Community,” Celebrates First Anniversary
13November 2014Esperanto Named Part of Poland’s Intangible Cultural Heritage
Esperanto in the News: The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times
UEA’s Youth Section Recognized as a Major Player in International Youth Affairs
Russian University Launches Esperanto Courses
12September 2014Annual Congress Approves Resolution on Language and Sustainable Development
Universal Esperanto Association Represented at the DPI Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations, New York, August 27-29
Fettes: UN Must Address Language Issues
11July 2014Artist On Kawara, User of Esperanto, Dies
Universal Esperanto Association Addresses UN Meeting on Language Rights of Indigenous Peoples
10May 2014Symposium on Language Equality Questions International Practice
Universal Esperanto Association Awards Scholarships for Terminology Study
Passport Service to be Revived by UEA’s Youth Section, TEJO
99th World Congress of Esperanto in Buenos Aires Announces Scholarly Lectures
9March 2014Association President to Speak at Language Symposium
Director-General of UNESCO Celebrates International Mother Language Day in Eight Languages – Including Esperanto
International Mother Language Day
8“A UNA for a Language Community” Launched by the Esperanto Movement
World Esperanto Congress to Address Sustainable Development
7November 2013Association Proposes Communication as Theme of NGO Conference
Symposium Addresses English-Medium Instruction in Non-English-Speaking Universities
6September 2013World Esperanto Congress Emphasises Biological and Cultural Diversity
Canada’s Mark Fettes Elected Association President
5July 2013UN Audience Invited to World Esperanto Congress
4May 2013Symposium on English-Medium Instruction in Higher Education Shaping Up
Domo de Eŭropa Historio en Ekzilo
Esperanto Speakers Visit UN
3March 2013UN Geneva: UEA Intervenes in Esperanto Language
Language at the UN: Study Group Established
Symposium on Multilingualism in Higher Education to Take Place in Reykjavik
Human Rights Day
2January 2013Vienna: Esperanto Discussed by the NGO Peace Committee
New Lernu services aimed at traditional Esperanto movement as well
Geneva: UEA plays role in UN meeting on indigenous peoples
1November 2012Universal Esperanto Association organizes seminar on United Nations and UNESCO
Proposal to create working group on Language and the United Nations
English-language anthology of Esperanto literature published
Interlinguistics study programme at Poznan University begins its fifteenth year
Esperanto news programmes expand their reach

Archive of Declarations and Messages from the Universal Esperanto Association for UN international observance days

International Day of Education

2024 ~ 2023 ~ 2022 ~ 20212020 ~  2019 ~ 2018

International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust

2024 ~ 2023 ~ 2022 ~ 2021 ~ 2020 ~ 2019 ~ 2018

International Mother Language Day

2024 ~ 2023 ~ 2022 ~ 2021 ~ 202020192018

International Women’s Day

2024 ~ 2023 ~ 2022 ~ 2021 ~ 20202019

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

2024 ~ 2023 ~ 2021 ~ 2020 

English Language Day


International Day of Families

2024 ~ 2023 ~ 2022 ~ 2021 ~ 202020192018

World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

2024 ~ 2022 ~ 2021

Russian Language Day


World Refugee Day

2024 ~ 2023 ~ 2022 ~ 2021 ~ 202020192018

Esperanto Day

2024 ~ 2023 ~ 2022 ~ 2021

International Day of Friendship

2022 ~ 2021

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

2022 ~ 2021 ~ 2019

International Youth Day


International Day of Peace

20232022 ~ 2021 ~ 2020 ~ 2019

World Tourism Day


International Translation Day

2023 ~ 2022 ~ 2021 ~ 2020 ~2019

International Day of Older Persons


International Day of Non-Violence

2022 ~ 2021 ~ 20202019 

United Nations Day

2023 ~ 2022 ~ 2021 ~ 2020 ~ 20192018

International Day for Tolerance

2023 ~ 2022 ~ 2021 ~ 2019

World Children’s Day

2022 ~ 2021

International Human Rights Day

2023 ~ 2022 ~ 2021 ~ 2020 ~ 2019 ~ 2018

Zamenhof Day

2022 ~ 2021

International Day of Multilateralism


World Environment Day


Archive of films published by the UN and UNESCO, subtitled in Esperanto

A film to encourage everyone to participate in the UN2020 Initiative for the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, read aloud in  Esperanto Aaron Chapman at the UN.

Fanfare for all people: 70th anniversary film from the UN

Archive of UN documents in Esperanto

We have translated a lot of UN documents into Esperanto. If you would like to browse these, please go to our Archive Page in Esperanto – there you will find declarations and messages from the Universal Esperanto Association for UN international observance days, and messages from the UN General Secretary in Esperanto and an archive of occasional documents, also in Esperanto translation.

A Bibliography and Resource List

This list contains items dealing directly with language and the United Nations, some key items on language in other international organizations, and background works likely to be of interest to those concerned with language and the United Nations’ role in the world, the Sustainable Development Goals, and related issues.
Go to the bibliography.
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